Manual site transfer between hosting accounts


When manually transferring a site between hosting accounts, all associated with it will be permanently deleted mailboxes.
You can migrate a site along with mailboxes and their contents using automatic transfer systems.
  1. If linked to the site mailboxes with important letters, export their contents.
  2. Create and download on your PC archives with a backup copy of the site and a copy of the database used by it.
  3. Remove the site from hosting1)... This will also delete all of its mailboxes.
  4. Switch to the new hosting account (if it is hosted in a different account, log in to it).
  5. Through filemanager or FTPclient upload the archive with a copy of the site to the hosting, unpack and place its contents in root directory site.
  6. Create a database and import into it a dump from the archive with a copy of the database.
  7. Important! In the hosting account where the site was transferred, be sure to correct your connection settings to the database in its config file. If your site uses absolute paths, correct them. The path to the site directory should look like /home/user/example.com/wwwwhere instead of user should be specified hosting account nameand instead of example.com/wwwpath to site files (instructions: WordPress, Joomla!, OpenCart).
  8. Check the site is working.

Since a site cannot be simultaneously in several hosting accounts, in order to be able to add it to a new hosting account, you must first delete it in the old one.