Changing the administrator password in OkayCMS


  • It is technically impossible to find out the current administrator password, since it is not stored on the site in clear text — only its hash is stored. It is only possible to replace the password with a new one.
  • The easiest way to set the required password is by regular CMS tools, since it is hashed by the Apr1-MD5 algorithm. In this regard, changing a lost password takes place in two stages: setting a known password in the database and changing the password to the required one in the admin panel.
  1. In the site config file takealook the name of the database to which it is connected.
  2. Openup database in phpMyAdmin.
  3. Execute the following SQL query, substituting your data into it:
    UPDATE `ok_managers` SET `password` = '$apr1$60po2n9a$DbvsIREAnZBn1jJ0pidcW/' WHERE `email` = 'admin@example.com';
    • If the names of the tables in the database do not start with the standard ok_, and with a different prefix, make the appropriate change to the SQL query.
    • Instead admin@example.com specify the mail of the administrator account for which you are changing the password.
  4. Check the entrance to Adminpanel using as password password.
  1. Sign in Adminpanel site.
  2. Go to «Site settings → Managers» and click on the name of the required administrator:
  3. Set a new password, repeat it in the second field, click «Save» in a pop-up message at the bottom of the page:
  4. Check the entrance to Adminpanel with a new password.