Installing Open Journal Systems (OJS)

  1. Install for the site version of PHP 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 (see below). official requirements).
  2. Download from official site archive with the distribution of Open Journal Systems.
  3. Place the distribution files on the hosting:
    1. Through filemanager or any FTPclient upload the archive to hosting in site root directory.
    2. Unpack downloaded archive and place its contents so that it ends up in root directory of the site.
    3. V root directory of the site create a directory named files. Attention! Without this directory, installation is not possible.
  4. Prepare the database:
    • If there is no free database, create new.
    • If there is an unused database, you can clear and use it.
  1. Open the site in a browser.
  2. Specify information for installation:
    • In the section «Pre-Installation Steps» check the results of the self—diagnosis of the installation system — all lines should contain «Yes» (in case of problems, restore standard access rights for specified files and folders).
    • In the section «Administrator Account» enter administrator details:
      • «Username» — login.
      • «Password» — password.
      • «Repeat password» — Repeat password.
      • «Email» — mailbox.
    • In the section «Locale Settings» set the language settings:
      • «Primary locale» — the main language of the entire site.
      • «Additional locales» — Additional languages to be installed.
    • In the section «File Settings» specify the absolute path to the one created in the step training catalog files.
    • In the section «Database Settings» Specify database connection settings:
      • «Database driver» — «MySQLi» (with i at the end).
      • «Host» — host Database.
      • «Username» — login database user.
      • «Password» — password database user.
      • «Database name» — title Database.
    • «OAI Settings» — provide a name that will be used to identify the metadata.
  3. Click «Install Open Journal Systems».
  4. Check the site is working.