Installing DokuWiki

Before installation:

  1. Download from official site on your PC an archive with the distribution of the latest version of DokuWiki.
  2. Place the distribution files on the hosting:
    1. Through filemanager or any FTPclient upload the archive to hosting in root directory preliminarily added site.
    2. Unpack downloaded archive with filemanager.
    3. Move the entire contents of the subdirectory dokuwiki in root directory.

Open the file install.php in the browser by clicking on a link like http://example.com/install.php, and fill in all the fields for further installation:

  1. «Choose your language» — select the language used for the installation and further configuration of DokuWiki.
  2. «Wiki name» — specify the name that will be displayed in the title of the tabs and on the pages.
  3. «Superuser» — specify the name of the user who will be the main site administrator.
  4. «Full name» — specify the real name of the administrator.
  5. «Email address» — specify the mailbox to be used for the business purposes of the site.
  6. «Password» — enter the password for the superuser.
  7. «repeat» — repeat the previously entered password.
  8. «Original access rights policy» — a set of access rules using the module ACL in DokuWiki, which describes the principles of further work. The following options are available:
    • «Open wiki» — any user can change / create / delete articles without prior registration or authorization.
    • «Public wiki» — any user can change / create / delete articles only after logging into his account, any unregistered user can read articles.
    • «Closed wiki» — The DokuWiki website will only be available after registration and authorization.
  9. «Allow users to self-register» — check if site users should be able to self—register.
  10. «Please select a license type for your wiki» — select the required license type to use DokuWiki.
  11. Click «Save» and check the site.