Database import via phpMyAdmin

Before import:

  • Make sure the database you are importing is in the format sql... If the file is zipped, unzip it. Please note that the extension .tar.gz is an archive and when importing a file with this extension, you may encounter many errors.
  • Make sure the file size is less than 300 MB. If the size is larger, use one of the methods to import databases of any size presented here.
  • Make sure there are no queries in the imported database like CREATE DATABASEsince databases can be create only through the control panel. If there are such requests, the lines with them must be removed from the file using any text editor (for example, Notepad++).
  • If the database to be imported into has not yet been created in the control panel, create it.
  • If the database to be imported into must be empty, clean it.
  1. Signin in phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select a database from the list on the left:
  3. In the tab «Import» select the dump file and click «Forward»: