Terminating processes with phpMyAdmin

You can quickly complete all database queries at once in control panels.

Important points:

  • Chapter «Condition» displayed only when in the left menu not selected database. If the database has been selected, just click on the server name at the very top of the page, which looks like Server: example.mysql.ukraine.com.ua.
  • When you open the page with the output of the current processes, at least 1 process with a request will always be displayed SHOW PROCESSLIST... This request cannot be closed as it is being executed to display the page with the current processes.
  • If there is an error «phpMyAdmin was unable to terminate the thread with ID XXXXXX. It was probably already closed» you should refresh the page by clicking «Refresh».
  • It is highly discouraged to enable auto-update with a short interval on a long-term basis, as this can lead to additional load on the database server and consumption cpu minutes/resources provided within the tariff.
  • Using SQL Query SHOW PROCESSLIST process termination errors may occur due to lack of required privileges. In this case, you should complete the processes using the recommendations in this manual.

Each database connection starts in a separate process (thread). If necessary, these processes can be forcibly terminated.

  1. Signin in phpMyAdmin.
  2. Go to section «Condition → Processes» and press «Tocomplete» opposite the desired process:
  3. Confirm the operation by pressing «OK».