Setting up an SFTP connection in Total Commander

Total Commander does not have native SFTP support. The connection is made using a special plugin.

  1. Download plugin archive «SFTP» from the official website of Total Commander at the link https://www.totalcommander.ch/win/fs/sftpplug.zip and unzip it.
  2. Openup «Configuration → Settings» in the main menu:
  3. Click «Customization» near «Filesystem plugins (.WFX)» in section «Plugins»:
  4. Click «Add to»:
  5. Select the plugin file corresponding to your version of Total Commander (32 or 64 bit).
  6. Click «OK»:
  1. Pleaseselect «Network / FS plugins» in the drive selection menu:
  2. Pleaseselect «Secure FTP»:
  3. Click F7 in the list of connections:
  4. Specify an arbitrary name for the new connection and click «OK»:
  5. Specify connection settings and click «OK»:
    • «Connect to» — SSH host.
    • «User name» — SSH login.
    • «Password» — SSH password.
    • «Encoding (codepage) of file names» — «UTF-8».


    To connect by keys to a hosting account, you must have SSH key bound.

  6. Select the created connection and click Enter:
  7. When connecting for the first time, in the window prompting you to check your fingerprint, click «Yes»:

After a successful connection, you will be taken to the root of the file system on the server. To get to the root directory of your hosting account, go to the directory home and further to the directory with the name of the hosting account.

Click «Disconnection»: