Configuring an FTP connection in Total Commander


Before connecting, check FTP security settings - the IP address from which the connection will be made must be added to the allowed ones, or access restrictions must be disabled.
  1. From the main menu select «Network → Connect to FTP server…» or press combination Ctrl+F:
  2. Click «Add to…»:
  3. Fill in the fields on the tab «General»:
    • «Connection name» — specify an arbitrary connection name. For example, the name of the site, FTP user or hosting account.
    • «Server [:Port]» - specify host from FTP connection data... Since the connection is on a standard port 21, it can be omitted.
    • «SSL/TLS» - check the box to use encryption. In case of connection problems, uncheck the box to use a regular connection without encryption.
    • «Account» — specify the login from FTP connection data.
    • «Password» — specify FTP user password.
    • «Passive exchange mode (like a web browser)» - be sure to check the box.
  4. In the tab «Extended» against «File name encoding» choose «UTF-8» and press «OK»:
  5. Select the created connection in the list on the left and click «Connect»:
  6. Turnon binary data transfer mode.