Configuring an FTP connection in WinSCP


Before connecting, check FTP security settings - the IP address from which the connection will be made must be added to the allowed ones, or access restrictions must be disabled.
  1. Click «New connection»:
  2. Fill in the fields:
    • «Transmission protocol» - select «FTP».
    • «Encryption» — select «Explicit TLS / SSL Encryption»... In case of connection problems, switch to «No encryption».
    • «Hostname» - specify host from FTP connection data.
    • «Port» - specify the port 21.
    • «Username» — specify the login from FTP connection data.
    • «Password» — specify FTP user password.
  3. Click «Yet…»:
  4. In chapter «Wednesday» against «UTF-8 encoding for file names» choose «On» and press «OK»:
  5. Click «Save» and «Log in»: