Updating WordPress engine files


Before updating, be sure to create backup copies of the site and its database.

The easiest way to update WordPress is through Adminpanel the site itself. When a new version is available, a notification is displayed at the top of the admin panel:

  1. Openup Adminpanel site.
  2. In chapter "Updates" click "Update now":
  3. Wait for the operation to complete. During the update, the site will automatically be put into maintenance mode. During the update process, a new version of WordPress will be downloaded and installed, and installed plugins will be disabled and enabled.
  4. Update installed plugins, themes and translations.
  5. Check the site is working.

Updating with the official WP-CLI console utility can come in handy if WordPress files are damaged or infected.

  1. Install WP-CLI utility.
  2. Connect to hosting via SSH.
  3. Run kernel updates by running the command:
    wp core download --skip-content --force --path=/home/title_account/example.com/www/
    • Instead wp specify the alias created during the installation in step 5, or the path to the installed file wp-cli.phar.
    • Instead title_account substitute title hosting account in which the actions are performed.
    • Instead example.com/www specify the path to the files of the required site.
    • Key skip-content indicates that the download of standard themes and plugins is skipped. If you also need to install them, remove it from the command.
  4. Wait for the message about successful loading to appear:
    Success: WordPress downloaded.
  5. Check the site is working.