Additional HTTPS setup in OpenCart 2.2

In case you are using OpenCart 2.2 and the standard steps for setting up HTTPS will not be enough (for example, the site will not work Adminpanel), try this:

  1. Make sure you have followed all the steps described here.
  2. Open the directory system/config and edit four files in it - admin.php, catalog.php, default.php and install.php... Replace in each of them the line:
    $_['site_ssl'] = false;

    Per line:

    $_['site_ssl'] = true;
  3. Open the directory catalog/controller/common and edit the file in it header.php... Replace the line in it:
    $server = $this->config->get('config_ssl');

    On this one:

    $server = str_replace('http:', 'https:', $this->config->get('config_url'));
  4. Check the site is working.