2.13.1. General information about Supervisor

For business hosting only

Supervisor is available only on tariffs businesshosting.

Supervisor is a Linux process manager. It starts the specified processes, monitors their work and automatically restarts if they stop working. For each process, you can set the desired number of instances — the number of simultaneously running instances of the process. Thus, it is possible to organize the constant work of the required number of different processes in the background.

  1. Open the section «Supervisor».
  2. Click «Add Process».
  3. Fill out the form and click «Save»:
    • «Process» — specify the command whose work process should be supported by Supervisor.
    • «Number of instances» - Specify how many concurrent processes with command copies Supervisor should support.
    • «Comment» (optional) - a comment to the process.
    • «Run immediately after adding» (enabled by default) - determines whether to automatically start the process immediately after adding or to do it later manually.

Once saved, Supervisor will automatically launch the specified number of process instances and keep them running.

Important points:

  • Suspending and deleting a process don't stop running instances of this process — they will run until they stop themselves, either as a result of an error or forced termination, then simply will not be launched. As a result, if the process is paused and resumed, the instances running before the pause may run for a while parallel with instances started on resume.
  • Changes to running process code are applied only on instance restart. This is due to the fact that the script code is read and compiled only at the time of launch.

All added processes are displayed in the list. The following actions are available for each process:

  • «Edit» — change of process settings (options are the same as for adding).
  • «Suspend» and «Reestablish » - stop and start the process.
  • «View output» — view the last 100 lines of output to the console from all instances of the process.
  • «Delete» - deleting a process.