View properties

To view the properties of a file or directory using filemanager select the file or directory whose properties you want to view, right-click on it and select «Properties»:

Properties open in a window:

  • «Type» — element type: file or directory.
  • «Location» - an absolute path to a file or directory.
  • «Size» — file size or total volume of directory contents.
  • «Owner» — hosting account namewhere the file or directory is located.
  • «Contains» (displayed only for directories) - the number of files, subdirectories and the total number of items contained in this directory.
  • «Modified» — date and time of the last modification of the file or directory.
  • «Open» - date and time when the file or directory was created.
  • «Permissions» — current access rights in numerical and symbolic form, as well as their button changes.