State Register of Enterprises - API

Despite the fact that the state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine has been open for public access for several years, some enterprises still ask their counterparties for all sorts of papers instead of setting up automatic data processing. Hosting.XYZ LTD has been successfully automating work with contractors for many years and instead of asking customers to send a state registration certificate, full name of the director, VAT payer certificate and other documents, it does it automatically. We issue invoices without requiring any data from the client, and when money is credited to our current account, we see the EDRPOU of the enterprise that paid the invoice, select data from the state register and obtain information about the enterprise: director, VAT number, address of registration of the enterprise. We also decline the full name of the director in the genitive case, so that in contracts and acts you can easily indicate the full name of the signatory. Therefore, for the client, these procedures go unnoticed, clients are pleased to work with us, and our accountants do not solve captchas on the tax website.

In addition, we do not need to send letters stating that the address or the director or the name of the enterprise has changed - we see everything in the register, which is updated almost daily.

We want all Ukrainian companies to work efficiently, so we publish an API that can be integrated into 1C and receive data about counterparties automatically.

To send a request:<EDRPOU>/


  • <EDRPOU> - EDRPOU of the enterprise for which you want to receive data.

Request example:

Response options:

  • egrpou - enterprise EDRPOU
  • name - full name of the company
  • name_short - short name of the company
  • address - legal address of the company
  • director - full name of the head of the enterprise
  • director_gen - full name of the head of the company in the genitive case
  • kved - Description of the code of the main activity of the enterprise
  • kved_id - code number of the main activity of the enterprise
  • inn - VAT payer number
  • inn_date - date of assignment of the VAT payer number.


Disclamer: Access to the API is provided free of charge, we do not guarantee the correctness of its work or the correctness of the data in it. Use the API at your own risk. Data is retrieved from the registry once a day. Information in the register itself can be updated up to 5 business days.

You can have your wishes and suggestions regarding the work of the API write on the forum.