Domain registration conditions:

  1. Domain registration applications are queued and satisfied according to the principle: first paid, first received domain. The first person to pay is the one whose money was the first to be credited to the current account of the registrar.
  2. An unlimited number of applications can be submitted for the same domain.
  3. If your payment has been received by the Registrar, and the application cannot be satisfied for the reason specified in clause 1, the money will be returned to you.
  4. Applications for which payment has not been received within the deadline specified in the invoice are removed from the queue.
  5. If it is impossible to provide services for domain registration, the funds are transferred to the user's personal account and, at the user's request, can be returned to him in the same way in which the money entered the system.





Regional second level

    .LT.UA .CAMP  
    .LVIV.UA .CARE  
    .NET.UA .CASH  
    .RV.UA .CITY  
    .UA .CODES  
    .UZ.UA .COFFEE  
    .ZT.UA .COOL