Hosting for 1C-Bitrix

Our hosting services make it possible to fully use many modules of the 1C-Bitrix management system. With us, you can use full integration with 1C services, which will ensure the speed and convenience of filling the site with data, help manage content and provide a wide range of CMS capabilities. On our hosting, you can freely use requests to third-party services, sending mail letters, setting up automatic mail filters and many other convenient functions.

Here you can find:

  • newest versions - PHP 7.3,
  • support for the HTTP / 2 protocol,
  • simple and affordable configuration of site transition to HTTPS,
  • the ability to use Memcached and Opcache memory to organize faster and more stable operation of the site system,
  • accessible and simple change of PHP parameters,
  • using the pagespeed module and much more.