Drupal hosting

On our hosting you can use one of the most flexible and responsive management systems - Drupal. The installation of such a system is fully automated, which allows you to start creating your own website in a matter of minutes, and the functionality of the control panel will provide the ability to collect statistics on site visits and configure some server parameters.

The convenience of working with Drupal lies in the use of many modules for various tasks of the site, which make up all the functionality of the system. Using Drupal on our hosting, you can install a huge number of useful modules, thanks to the presence of popular php extensions and libraries such as GD, ImageMagick, cURL, XML and many others. Also of great importance is the ability to install cron jobs to automate important processes for your site, and connect to the server using SSH to use the capabilities of Git, Drush or Composer, which greatly expands the possibilities of managing and configuring the system.