8.9. Redis logs

To view the logs in the section «Redis» in the instance bar, click «Logs»:

Important points:

  • Logs are only stored for the last 1-2 months. Older logs are not kept.
  • Current date on the calendar always available, regardless of whether there are entries in the log or not.

Calendar. Designed to select the day for which the log will be displayed. On the calendar:

  • Lightgreen the days for which logs are available are marked.
  • Darkgreen marked the day for which the log is displayed.
  • Red frame the current date is marked.

Time filter. Allows you to view the log not for the whole day, but for the selected time period.

Search. Allows you to filter requests by the presence of certain text in them.

Download. Download buttons:

  • «Download per day» — downloads the log for the date selected in the calendar.
  • «Download for month» – downloads the log for the month to which the date selected in the calendar belongs. Attention! The log for the current month includes only the days that have passed (that is, all days since the beginning of the month, except the current).

  • «Time» - recording time.
  • «Log» An entry created by the Redis service during operation or when an error occurs.