2.2.6. Additional mail space


An additional seat is activated only after receipt of payment. Until the payment has been credited, it cannot be received.

For all tariffs regular and businesshosting the possibility of purchasing additional space for mail is available. When buying a seat:

  • The volume available for storing mail increases
  • The inode limit for mail disappears.

You can view information about the occupied and available disk space for mail by instructions.

  1. Click the button to order additional mail space in any of the sections:
    Open the section "Hosting" and in the block "Extra services" click "Extra space for mail":
    Open the section "Mailboxes" and in the block "Disk space" click "Order extra space":
  2. In field "Memory" specify the required size in gigabytes and click "To order" (if the system informs about the presence of an unpaid order, in the text of this notification click "undo"and then repeat the order):
    The minimum value cannot be less than the currently occupied volume.
  3. Pay automatically generated invoice any of available ways and wait for the payment to be credited.
  4. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the additional space to activate.